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Gabrielle Graves is a Michigander at heart who grew up in the small town of Marshall and has always felt most comfortable when covered in paint. She received her B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Art & Design from the University of Michigan in April of 2017. Shortly after graduating, Gabrielle moved to Snowmass Village, CO to work in the Photography & New Media and Painting departments at the internationally known Anderson Ranch Arts Center. She has also worked as a studio manager for Isa Catto Studio. Her work has been featured in group exhibitions such as the Patton-Mallott Gallery at Anderson Ranch and the Littleton Museum, and she has collaborated with other artists to create installations such as DECONSCIOUSNESS, which was shown at the STAMPS School of Art & Design in 2017. Most recently, she had a two person exhibit at the Littleton Museum with artist Courtney Cotton titled per•spec•tives from May-July of 2020. Gabrielle’s practice employs photography, painting, installation, and writing to divulge honest articulations of the psychological space; exploring the confounding narratives of internal vs external identity, ultimately encouraging empathy through reflection.

Okay, for real though. Screw the formalities.


I'm shy, I'm awkward, I'm strange. I'm trying to be authentic. (If I'm trying to be authentic, though, does that automatically make it unauthentic? #showerthoughts). I want YOU to be authentic. I want us all to be authentic, to have conversation, to have empathy. And I believe in the flow of creativity.  In the impulse to make. Of the physicality of the process and how it brings you into your body. A true connection of mind, body, spirit.

So yeah, screw the formalities. Go make, create, reflect, connect. Find empathy within yourself, and in turn foster that empathy for someone else.