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Through the years I have always written down quotes from others that strike me in a certain way. A smart remark, a funny statement, a thought that resonated with what I was going through at that moment. In April of 2018, I started to write those quotes from others more frequently, and to keep track of when they were said. With this, I posed the question: why did I feel the need to write down these specific quotes at these times? Although said by other people, I realized these tidbits did not solely belong to them. These words are not representational of the people who said them, as they exist on these pages completely without context; separate from the conversations, minds, and mouths that uttered them to (or around) me at the time. Further, I am the one who plucked them out from those places and put them on these pages. These spoken words of others are things that I picked up on due to my own experience, to my own interaction with them. And in that, they are truly more of a reflection of myself than of those people themselves in that moment. The way we experience the world is wholly biased, at every moment, with every quote taken away, and with every interpretation. And so here, on these pages, said by others but selected by me are “The Things We Take”.

48 pages, 5x7" each

Cyanotype Solution on Stonehenge Warm White Paper

Sunlight at approx. 39.2142° N, 106.9370° W between 11AM - 2PM, Oct. - Dec. 2018

Plywood Box

Acrylic Cover and Colophon, Laser Cut


"never mind this “book” uses the imprint of light, time, and other’s words to itch the insatiable scratch of validating my own mental identity on Stonehenge Warm White paper. never mind the sliding lid plywood box reminiscent of those simple containers in which we place our most beloved and nostalgic cards and photos with words from childhood friends and lost loves. never mind the cyanotype solution applied to each page, set in the Rocky Mountain high sun at the same/similar latitude and longitude at which the words were spoken, between the hours of 11 am and 2 pm on some day, with found objects evocative of and interacting with the words themselves. Here, on these pages, said by others but selected by me are “The Things We Take”. Taken April through September of 2018, assembled October through December of the same year. The one and only."

The Things We Take

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