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this condition of loneliness

The chair is a loaded object, whether we are aware of it on a day-to-day basis or not. We recognize the chair, sit in the chair, search for the chair. We immediately recognize the empty chair - the absence of a body. And in this, we realize the chair evokes the figure, and in turn the person. The chair carries a narrative of the body, of absence or presence, of rest or non-rest. 


In this work, I offer up the chair as a catharsis. A release of anger, depression, anxiety, hurt. A way of divulging and expelling every repressed and socially unacceptable emotion. Though regarded with contempt, these are emotions that connect us all; pain is both a mode of human connection and isolation represented in a defeated chair that is recognizable but no longer functional or desirable. 


There is the absence of a physical body but the presence of internal, emotional pain. The chair is then both portrait and object, existing in a dual space as do our negative emotions that desire - and deserve - to be divulged and heard.










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